Austex Pools and Spas is pleased to serve Texas with the very best designs, products and customer service in the swimming pool industry.

Owning a swimming pool should be a fun and rewarding experience, and we here at Austex Pools and Spas intend to do everything possible to ensure that it is. From elegant designs, to award winning customer service, to the very latest in swimming pool technology, we deliver a product that you and your family can be proud to own.

At Austex Pools and Spas, the ultimate goal is to design and build a backyard escape that will not only be beautiful and unique but will last a lifetime. As professional pool builders in the state of Texas we gladly go above and beyond the standard building codes and procedures to ensure that the best possible contractors and materials are used in your investment. We work efficiently and timely to exceed your build time expectations, but never while cutting corners. Our stellar reputation is built both literally and figuratively on completing projects faster and better than our competitors, so let us make believers out of you. Our families are important above all else, and we have gone to great lengths to make certain that our outdoor transformations are always child and handicapped friendly. Our standard building process is held in place to go above and beyond the industry standard so you will have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and secure while they relax at your in home paradise.

Austex Pools is fortunate to have excellent relationships with superb financial institutions to help you make your visions of a backyard oasis a reality. Our in house finance team has many years of experience with helping people achieve what’s best for them, and we take great pride in carefully handling the needs of each family. We offer home improvement loans, both secure and unsecure, home equity lines of credit and home refinancing, all designed to help you maximize your dollar with as much ease as possible. If there is a way to help you into a loan that will assist you in your goals, we can do it! With so many companies in our industry, it can be challenging to find the right pool builder to form a relationship with. At Austex Pools and Spas, we view your business as an opportunity to create a friendship for life and we rely on our hard work, integrity, and old fashioned values to show you that we mean what we say. Our mission is not only to meet, but exceed your expectations so that tell your friends and family about your great experience with us, and help us build ourdream of being the best pool builder in Texas, one family at a time.

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