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Autex Pools and Spas Custom Pool Builders

We are still hard at work helping Austin families have fun in the heat and make lasting family memories.  Even though Fall is approaching you can still begin to build your pool.  If you build the pool now you won’t miss a single swim day next season! For central Texas the pool season is much longer than in other states and you really get a great return on your money with a custom built pool and spa with Austex Pools.

Here is another image of our hard work from our dedicated staff.

Austex Pools located in Austin, Texas and helping families have fun in the heat of summer, one family at a time!


Austex Pools

When will the over 100 degrees day end? I can tell you the families that decided to build their pool are a lot happier in the heat! Soon the weather should begin to cool down and believe it or not we still build pools in the fall.  Stop by our offices and take a look at our portfolio or chat with our professional staff.  You will soon see why we are the top pool builders in central Texas.


Austex Pools

Austex Swimming Pools

Are you still trying to decide on a great pool company located here in Austin, Texas? Well we thought we would post an image that would make that decision a little easier for you.



Do you really still need to think about?  If so call us up or come down and have a talk with our knowledgeable staff.  We are friendly and eager to help with all of your swimming pool and hot tub questions.  We have a large Austex Pools portfolio that can show our long history in the industry and our satisfied customers.

Austex Pools


Austex Pool

How do you and your family beat the heat in central Texas? Here at Austex we like to build pools for you and your family members to enjoy.  Austex Pools is here to help you and your family have fun in the heat in Austin Texas and surrounding areas.

Beat the Heat

We can help you beat the heat here in Austin Texas.  We are professional pool builders with lots of experience and a large portfolio.  Ask us how we can help you beat the heat with your own customized swimming pool.

Austex Pools